Another Trusted User said goodby(t)e to Stack Overflow

It is, on one hand, saddening to see another 25K+ Trusted User leaving Stack Overflow with all his expertise given for free to Stack Exchange, on the other hand, it is understandable. See what the top of his profile writes:

omar-left-soHe has been the third top contributor of all times in his area and the two people who beat him are no longer active in there. Therefore, we can say that we lost another top expert in his area. I really do not get Stack Exchange as a company.

I am not referring to the moderators anymore who seem to be puppets in the Stack Exchange machine. They do not have their own rights. They have to do what Stack Exchange as a whole is happy with. They may seem to take their own decisions, but they cannot really go against the big boss. Why are they selected by the community if Stack Exchange instructs them? Either way, this is not a discussion for today.

The matter of the fact is that experts keep leaving the site due to the obvious decline in moderation. I wonder how many more people need to leave the site, either forcefully or on their own before Stack Exchange realizes that the direction taken is not good for the quality of the site.

Now, Stack Overflow has achieved to be unwelcome in several IRC support channels, mailing lists and official documentations due to its low quality questions and answers. This will just get worse and worse if those posts are defended and the experts are frightened away who would actually change the status quo.


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