Brad Larson in action again

This is not a surprise, unfortunately. The Stack Overflow moderators defend low-quality content and start to warn experts who spend their spare time for free on this site. Here goes the moderator’s comment on the question at hand before it gets removed:

brad-larson-in-action-againAnyone can look the question up. It was one of those unbearable posts that drive Stack Overflow to what it is today. It is not good that the tendency gets worse and worse.

Moderators keep engaging in arguing with the experts rather than supporting them. Some would call these comments from moderators non-constructive. There is even a flag type for that.

As many Trusted Users’ ban, self-deletion and leave indicate, this abusive word became their mantra, sadly. They can glue it on everyone without justfying it and from that point on, they think that is an axiom and hence starting point for any discussion.


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