The almighty Meta Stack Overflow effect in action

We still need some time to recover from the loss of our last victim, but here goes the next post about the almighty and all-pervading ME (Meta Effect). Someone has just brought our attention today to a question on Meta Stack Overflow about a deleted question on Stack Overflow.

Not only was the Meta Stack Overflow question OP partially asking for 15 (!) reputation points, but actually the original OP of the question on Stack Overflow obtained about 30 downvotes due to the “meta effect” and the answer got at least 30-35 upvotes as of writing this.

The main irony in this is that the “poor” answerer, who temporarily lost 15 reputation points, gained a gold badge while half of the answerer’s reputation is now coming from this effect!

Yes, really, he did accomplish all this within a very short while; incredible. Let us see what the badge description writes:

Reversal Provided answer of +20 score to a question of -5 score. This badge can be awarded multiple times.
Our question is: why does this badge even exist at all, let alone the possibility to be awarded multiple times? Many of us think that we should not answer very poor questions and if it is not that poor, it should not be that downvoted. Even then, it is certainly an incredible amount of “instant” downvote avalanche. As one of the commenters has rightfully put it:
I’ve seen post with meaningless random text and spam with less down-votes.
To wrap it up: A person complaining about the 15 (!) reputation points rather than keeping information around got many upvotes for the meta question and the original OP on Stack Overflow was lashed out, while the person answering such an apparently poor question earned a gold badge.
Let us grab the opportunity on the behalf of the authors to wish you a Happy New Year in 2015!

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