Stack Overflow: Yet Another Trusted User eliminated

There are times when certain situations in life become a bit difficult or at least different. Having had the precedence of H2CO3, Your Common Sense, and so forth, we have another contributor now liquidated on Stack Overflow.

One may have noticed that another active and useful contributor was suspended yesterday.

yx7N3First and foremost, we have been notified now that he got several comments lately that this is his blog series. I would like to clarify that this is not meant to be his personal blog. This is a general blog supposed to be run by people who have constructive criticism towards Stack Overflow because believe it or not, we  do not think that Stack Overflow is only bad. We think that it is very useful in many senses. Please head over on to the About page if you would like to read our official statement.

While he did not wish to quote it directly to keep private sentences private for all fairness, he did not mind sharing the moderator’s point using his own words:

After enough warnings, more than one user expressed that they would rather leave the site than working with him due to his abusive behavior.

That is the main message of the suspension. He could not explain what exactly it would mean as he did not understand the reasoning himself. The moderators had not replied earlier either when he tried to ask for clarification 1-2 months ago in a similar situation. Even though he, as many other people had arguments about the operation of the site, he has not come through such users himself who literally left the site because of some abusive behavior.

Moreover, he admitted that he asked the moderators and SE staff whether he could make these messages public whether others can spot anything wrong, but they unfortunately ignored this request, too, so he could not reveal them. This is a bit of shame, really.

This is sure not to say there are not such users, but he did not notice them himself, I believe. I wonder what the people think who have closely worked with him on improving the C++/Qt questions and doing the cleanups.

The reasoning may sound similar to you should you recall what exactly happened to Your Common Sense. We would like to remind you that he was suspended for a year about half a year ago for very similar reasons:

Actively driving potential contributors away.

I will skip H2CO3’s story this time. That may be a subject for another blog post. Anyhow, in our humble opinion, this is a bit of shame, really!

Back to his contribution:

* More than 1100 answers to the site over the course of 14 months, mostly good quality content based on the community feedback. This usually decreased the unanswered questions from 60% to 36-50%.

* Reviewed about 3000-5000 posts lately per month casting a lot of close and delete votes on, flagging low-quality posts and the like.

* Launched the “Delete Voters” chat room project similar to the “Close Voters” chat room where he got some initial positive feedback.

That means he has not only been answering questions, but taking proper care of cleaning up the site.This is a rare combination on Stack Overflow, but probably goes without saying: very much appreciated.

I imagine that his dedication to the community, willingness to help others for free in his spare time, energy, skills and talent will be missed!

Let us all hope that he does not lose his motivation in life to help newcomers with questions and doubts wherever and whenever he can., especially if it is for free in his spare time.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have got anything constructive to say, even if just that this person should never be allowed to come back to the site or should not exist.


9 thoughts on “Stack Overflow: Yet Another Trusted User eliminated

  1. Omar

    I can’t find an explanation why SO is acting this way; is it because the managed to conquer Google search’s first page? The Q&A platform is provided by SE but the answers are provided by “persons” voluntarily. In return, such “persons” are punished instead of being appreciated. SO should consider those “persons” good deeds and what they have done to the community before looking at their faults.

    If SO keep acting in an arrogant way, it will fall for sure. If “Trusted users” and “Active users” step down, SO will fall too. SE should reconsider its’ moderators actions; they should instead win and get “Active users” closer rather than banning them for nonsense reasons.

    disclaimer: I am another “Trusted User” on Stack Overflow not tolerating poor content.


  2. venemo

    I’m also a SO user with 7k+ reputation. Over the past year or so, I’ve become less and less interested in contributing to SO because non-constructive and indecent people seem to have taken over the site and ruin my experience – the same kind of people that lpapp was fighting against. I would prefer quality and decency.

    Here’s my opinion on lpapp: he is an expert in his area with strong opinions and great knowledge. Sending him away like this – without any discussion – was a mistake. I think I’d rather have a bunch of jackass rookies driven away than guys that have made loads of quality content.


  3. Ray Donnelly

    lpapp’s knowledge of C++ and Qt are exceptional. Perhaps some people who ask questions need to be a bit thicker skinned and read the posted answers more carefully before taking offence?


  4. Aleksander

    lpapp is a Jon Skeet in Qt tag, he has great knowledges and provided many good answers in short period. I think that it is big loss for Qt tag.


  5. nejat

    I am so disappointed to see lpapp being suspended for one year! He is the most impressive person on Qt tag. I can see that many Qt questions (espesially the hard ones) will remain unanswered because of not having him on SO. I have personally learned alot from him. I hope there is some way to persuade the moderator and bring him back.


  6. Béla Balázs

    Suspending the number one top user on the Qt tag with no real justification is outrageous and made me lose a great amount of the respect I had for Stack Overflow.
    People like him put countless hours into answering even the most mind-numbingly noobish questions politely and this is what they get in return.
    Seriously puts me off investing my time into contributing to Stack Overflow.

    Please reconsider this counter-productive strategy.


  7. Árpád Goretity  (@H2CO3_iOS)

    I’m always amazed (in the bad sense of the word) by the amount of bad decisions the Stack Overflow staff makes. Yeah, I’ve seen lpapp’s allegedly offensive comments in person, before they got deleted. Sometimes he was (rightfully) upset, but calling his comments “abusive” is downright lying. I’ve seen way worse comments; of which the authors hadn’t been banned, however. Rather than banning a lot of valuable contributors, moderators and community managers could instead eliminate those extremely low-quality posts/questions/answers/users that lead professional members of Stack Overflow into leaving angry comments.

    Professionals who are irritated by the laziness of certain people and by the fact that most newcomers don’t make the slightest effort to attempt resolving their own problems first are not the problem on Stack Overflow. Lazy and unprofessional users are.


  8. Naveen Kumar

    I am also one of the suspended User ( from S.O. for doing multiple revisions(edits). I have done my last and latest edit on Dec 30 ’14 at 13:44. But i got 1st warning message on Dec 30 ’14 at 14:52, in that message moderator warned me (If I see anymore edits like this, your account will be suspended). Got deactivate message on Dec 30 ’14 at 15:12. After getting 1st warning message i did’t revised any questions. So i have not crossed my limits after seeing 1st warning message. Dear moderators how my SO account is suspended without crossing my limits?
    Expecting reply from SO moderators.
    Full conversation here



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